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18 november 2001

It was really fricken cold today.  I really just wanted to hang out in an Internet cafe, but since it's Sunday and some special celebration was going on, nothing was open.  At least in the ways of an Internet cafe.  Because today was some special festival day, museums, castles and other attractions were open to the public for free.  I'm glad I came back to the hostel to take a piss, this is how I got the information.

This morning I made my way down to the bus/train station to check train times.  I also called the Bologna hostel, they are full tonight so I'll wait another day to see what happens.  Afterwards I made my way over to Juliet's house and walked through.  It was really nice but very minimalist.  Afterwards I walked down to the Arena and walked around, it was really nice.  While I was hanging out I heard a choir singing so I checked it out.  I watched about 5 different groups sing, they were all very good.  At the conclusion I entered the gallery behind where they were singing, they happen to have a minimalism exhibition going on so I caught that.  For one of the exhibits you walked into this near dark room where it took 5 or 10 minutes for your eyes to adjust.  When you followed the wall it was OK.  I was really heel toeing it.  In the main room there was this blue lit mini-room directly connected to the dark room, it was unreal.  They also had some other cool works according to the minimalism rules.  I was really hoping that the Internet cafe was open, but it still wasn't so I headed to a few museums.  The first was the Natural Science museum, it was really nice but it was all in Italian.  Next went to the Archeological site called the Teatro Romano.  It was pretty cool there as well with an amphitheater and a bunch of stone carvings, mosaics and other artifacts.  I still had an hour to burn so I made my way to the African Museum.  This is a really cool place with a bunch of things to read and look at.  Most of their stuff is also in English so that made it much more enjoyable.  I cut out of there just before 17:00 and made my way back upstairs for a little nap before dinner.  I'm not certain what I'll do tomorrow, but I definitely need to check e-mail.  I'm signing off for now.

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