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18 october 2001

I made it out here to Frankfurt via airplane and bus.  The Frankfurt, Hahn airport is really no where near Frankfurt.  It's about 100 km away, at least!  I was really surprised it only cost 10 DM to get out here.  Anyway, last night I fled Salisbury and went to Cambridge, it was a really good idea.  The youth hostel was simple to find, but when I got there they weren't quite ready so I walked around downtown.  I primarily walked around old Cambridge and out to where the Cambridge castle once stood.  It was just a mound of dirt but it provided a nice view of the city.  Afterwards I made my way back into the hostel and completed checking in and got my shit squared away.

I was getting hungry so I found a small little grocery store and bought food for the evening and breakfast.  I noticed on the way back that Manchester United had a match and I managed to catch it on the hostel TV after the news.  While I was watching the game this Australian asked me a few questions and invited me out for a little bar hoping after the game.  We wandered back into old town and found a place where the locals were coming in in-drag and bath robes.  It was really cool and quite the spectacle.  After a beer there we boogied on down the road to try to find this place called The Eagle.  We stopped at this place called the Spread Eagle, it wasn't the same and they kicked us out at 11:10pm, the jerks.  We were walking back to the hostel when John noticed a place that was open, that also happened to be a restaurant.  They were still serving drinks and they let us in, woa!  It was pretty fun there.  John and I sat next to this English couple and we talked to them until we got kicked out sometime after midnight!  The owner there was really cool and said we could drink if we said we had eaten food there.  No problem there tough guy.  People were dancing and having a good time.  I was chatting with the English lady about my volunteer project in France and how some of the French there were really different people in French and English.  Anyway, after we walked back we hung out in the lounge for a little while.  But before I go into that bit of the evening I almost for got that we had a little midnight snack.  Well actually John did, I sat there in the take-away and talked to this Asian guy who was working on his Ph.D. in something to do with the brain.  He was pretty cool and I managed to skip the midnight snack.  I think I'm still a little worried about the effect meat is having on me.  This is the first time that I was smashed and I didn't eat meat, I wonder if I'm turning into a vegetarian.  Maybe not a habitual one, not totally certain.

It was cool talking to the Ph.D. student.  We finally made it back to the hostel and we were talking to the guard and then made our way to the lounge where I was talking to this Portuguese guy.  I was so drunk and tired that I can't remember all that we talked about.  I remember asking the guy how Portugal was formed, but I don't really remember most of his answer.  After a while John headed off to bed and so did I after a few minutes.  I made it to the top of the hostel and into my top bunk.  In the middle of the night I work up because I needed to take a fucking piss.  In the morning I ate my leftover food and then boogied to the train station.  Stansted airport is really very nice.  I napped most of the flight.  There was an incredible amount of kids on the plane for some reason.  Frankfurt is a nice town.  I'm not certain what I'll be doing tomorrow, probably laundry and crap before I head out to Switzerland.  I also need to buy my train ticket to Mannenbach sometime tomorrow.  I'm probably going to crash here pretty quick.  I'm really looking forward to German breakfast tomorrow morning.

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