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18 september 2001

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Been a while since I've written.  I just completed washing my clothes and some people are playing a game on the grass while the rest of the group is taking a walk to the post office.  This past weekend was a lot of fun. Mostly we played card games and hung out at the castle because it was raining sometimes.  We also made pizza on Saturday, it was very good.  The work continues to be hard.  Today I was really tired after work.  We have been digging away dirt from a crappy section of the wall.  Most of the time it is pretty fun, but today I felt week.  Tomorrow I will be working in the kitchen with

Natasa.  We hope to keep pace with the other folks who have been making some incredible meals like curry and Japanese and Korean dishes, woa!  We really celebrated this past Friday, Pedro, Natasa and I were the last one standing.  We tried to head to bed at 2:00am, but were intercepted and we managed to start some salsa lessons for about half an hour.  Afterwards we spent about 40 more minutes in front of the fire, just hanging out and talking.  We decided to head up to bed afterwards and found ourselves in the upstairs bathroom laughing at the graffiti wall in the former girls restroom.  We are using a hanging piece of paper for a wall to write whatever we want.  Some of the shit is really funny.  One of the last things we talked about was the acoustics of the restroom, and how you can hear everything in the dorm.  When we were going to bed at 4:00am, this time for real, I decided to take a dump and make some noise of my own.  We were all laughing, but were trying to keep quiet since everyone else was asleep.  I was laughing so hard that water shot out of my eyes and nailed my glasses.

Serge, from the host family, has a brother named Colin.  Colin is studying Italian in school, but doesn't seem to know much.  I was just harassing him in Italian, but he just walked away, he's not as outgoing as Serge. The sun is going down now and it's starting to get cold.  I forgot my hat upstairs so I'm going to shiver a little.  Oh, Saturday morning Natasa, Pedro, Tomoku and I went to Grenoble for the morning and the early afternoon.  It was fun.  We mostly walked around and hung out, we found a place to get a beer and sat there for a little while.  On the way back we were a little lost so we had to ask for directions a few times before we finally made it back to the castle.

Yesterday a few of us went into the attic where they have rock climbing wall and messed around there for a while.  It was really fun, some of the people who tried were really good considering it was their first time.  I continue to suck at rock climbing.  I was hoping to try again today but no one was available to go and I'm really tired from the work.  Last evening it seemed like everyone went to sleep early.  Jana and I were washing dishes until 11:30pm, that sucked, but Jana is fun to talk with so it wasn't so bad.  We're having some tea now so I'll write a little later.

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