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19 april 2001

Back here in the smoke, maybe the hostel should be named The Smoke.  The common room is very smoky normally, just like now.  Well I headed off to London again.  Did a lot of walking around in circles because I misread my map, but not a big deal.  I first went over to where the Duke of Wellington's arch is located, which turned out to be someone else's arch.  I'm reasonably sure I was in the correct park because Wellington's museum and another status of him on his horse was in the park.  Wellington's life history was professionally painted on the subway connecting the arch to the surrounding streets.

After leaving Wellington's arch I walked the streets aimlessly to find Westminster Abbey.  I must have walked about 5 clicks until I got back on track.  I took a picture of Westminster's flying buttresses, but didn't take the tour because it was guided and they were not allowing photo's of any kind, jerks.  As well, it seemed like everyone in London wanted to see the Abbey today.  I then walked over to the British Museum which was packed with tourists.  I can't imagine what it's like in the high season!  I checked out the African and Middle/Near East exhibits.  The British Museum is enormous.  I could easily spend multiple days wandering around the museum.  I spent about two hours there and decided to leave so I can get everything square for tomorrow when I make my way to Stratford-upon-avon.  Everything is ready to go, just got to wake up, get dressed, grab my pack and check out!

I had a much easier time finding the Oxford Tube than previously.  We left about 5:00pm and caught some traffic heading back to Ox.  I stopped off on the High Street to check my e-mail and to see why I can't get a direct flight from London to Berlin.  Seems like the flight has been canceled so it looks like I'll be figuring something else out or taking multiple flights.  I tried to call Virgin Express while I was in London but couldn't complete the conversation, guess it was a long distance call from the City of Westminster to the City of London.  I tried again here at the hostel but the customer service people had already gone home, d'oh!

Anyway, still plan to get to bed early tonight.  Though I have a three night reservation at the Stratford hostel I am uncertain about the details and may need the time, just-in-case, to find other accommodations.  Oh, almost forgot, the very nice lady I talked to last night, Rebecca, also left this morning and she now has my e-mail address, as we ran into each other on my way to the bus station.  I'm also going to get a few snacks before I bail.  The smoke is already getting to me so I'm not certain how long I'll last.

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