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19 november 2001

I just got back to the hostel after drinking some wine at the Internet cafe down the way.  I tried to ask for the bill but the lady tried to poor me more wine.  I repeated my Italian and she got another glass to pour more wine.  I was very near to slapping my head at this point.  For some reason she poured a beer and then showed me my tab.  Eventually I paid 8,000 Lira so I think I paid for a beer and three glasses of wine.  Maybe she charged me for another glass of wine or a beer.  Something was wacko with that person.  Though I really like Verona I hope to leave tomorrow for Bologna.  I just need to call the hostel again tonight to see if a number of people vacated.

I mainly spent three hours doing e-mail today.  I had to delete a bunch of e-mail since my mail box seems to be unhappy after 500 messages,  The PBI training seems to be only held in Italian, so I won't be heading to Rimini.  I also e-mailed Pedro to see if I could crash on his floor while I attempt to learn Italian.  Hopefully I will also hear from Alessia soon, it looks like I have some interest in her party.  I also did some walking around today, not much, but eventually I just headed back to the Internet cafe to drink vino.  Not much else going on today, I hope to beat the cold.  I used my gloves for the first time here in Europe today.  I'm glad I did.

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