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19 october 2001

I still really love German breakfast.  I had some ham this morning, not too much, and no ill effects.  After breakfast I made my way towards the HBF to buy my ticket to Switzerland.  First I attempted at an electronic kiosk, but it wasn't working... probably because my destination station was in Switzerland.  So I made my way to the ticket counter and the nice lady couldn't get it to work either so we settled on the last station in Germany and I'll buy a ticket for the last leg when I get there.

Afterwards I made my way to the Geldmuseum.  This museum is about monetary policy, the origins of coin and related topics.  I really liked the museum because I stayed there for 5 hours.  It was a really nice walk out there through Frankfurt and its various communities.  After making it back to the hostel I took a shower, shaved and washed my clothes.  As my clothes were drying I took a little nap, that was really nice.  I was going to just eat at the hostel but their food looked like shit... and they were serving beef so I just went back to the same place I ate last night and ordered the vegetarian curry.  When I sat down this Danish guy was just finishing up and we talked for a little while.  He is studying art in Frankfurt and looking for a place to stay since affordable housing is difficult to find.  While we were talking some more people joined us from off the streets.  They were some people from the hostel who were on BusAbout.  Two of them, girls (Natalie and Rachel) are from Australia.  Cedric was from Quebec and the other guy was a Kiwi.  I never got his name. Cedric ordered some spicy curry and was it spicy!  I took a picture of his silly ass with water shooting out of his eyes.  They were all very nice people.  After finishing we walked back to the hostel and I'm currently sitting here in the lounge writing and everyone else has going upstairs.  I'm probably going to try to catch some news before I head off to bed.

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