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2 december 2001

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

It's about 9:00am this wonderful Sunday morning and this week can be described fairly easily.  I spent most of my time in an Internet Cafe updating my website.  All my most recent journal entries have been put online, as well as a buttload of pictures.  I must have spent at least 40 hours in the cafe and I'm heading back down there this morning to check e-mail and review the site again.

Other than that I've met a few cool people here at the hostel. Daniele, a cool Italian

guy, he paid me a bunch of Lira to write something nice about him in my journal.  I also met a cool Quebecer, Amelie, who is  traveling for a few months in Italy and France.  Friday evening I caught up to Francesco and we hung out at the Communist bar and drank wine and grappa!  Yesterday we headed out to Francesco's ex-wife's house to eat lunch and pick-up Julius!  We had a mad time and Francesco's ex-wife can really cook, woa!  Afterwards we just hung out and Julius and I messed around on the computer and played a few games on his Sony play station.  Francesco wanted to go so we all headed back to Torino and ate dinner at Francesco's house.  I was so stuffed, but it was really good.  We also played a game of Risk after I shows Francesco and Julius my Zonca pictures on my website.

On Tuesday I'll be making my way to Kranj in Slovenia to see Natasaj (the j is silent).  Sometime today or tomorrow I need to head to the train station to buy my ticket.  It should be fun since I need to go to the ticket window since it's an International ticket.  I also need to figure out how I'm going to get to Berlin, and then out to France.  It might be easier to fly from Berlin to France and then take a train to my workcamp.  I'm about to bail out of here so I'm signing off for now.

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