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20 june 2001

It's a wonderful Wednesday morning, it will probably be 30 degrees plus today as well.  I made my way into Firenze to attempt to meet up with Curtis, but got my dates messed up.  I managed to locate his hotel which is around the corner from the Duomo.  It was nuts in Firenze yesterday with about 50 billion people everywhere.  My Aussie girlfriend, Andrea, is talking to me again.  We happen to ride the train together into Firenze and talked the whole way.  She is a very nice lady.  When we got off the train we parted ways, I needed to get my silly ass back to the Internet Cafe.  At the cafe I figured out where Curtis's hotel was located.  After I left a note for Curtis I began to walk around to the campground, it was silly hot.  The campground is located on a hill above Firenze and they'll let me stay there for 15 days, woa!

After talking to the nice lady there I got some food and rested for a little bit.  I then decided to do a little walking around but gave up after an hour because there were so many people and it was really hot.  I made my way back to the train station and couldn't get a direct train back to Certaldo so I had to wait for two hours in Empoli.  When I managed to get back I made my way over to the Coop and bought some wine.  I eventually made my way to a restaurant for some food.  I had a great pizza and half a liter of wine that knocked me on my ass, woa!  We tried to watch some band play in the square but they canceled it due to rain.  Oh well.  Got back to the hostel and had the bottle of Chianti and then fell asleep.  I gotta run and catch my train!

Made it back to the hostel!  Had a great time with Curtis and Teddy today.  We finally met up sometime after 3:30pm, they actually saw me in the street wandering aimlessly.  Most of the time we spent sitting at a cafe just talking and getting majorly silly.  Later on we headed back to their hotel and had some wine, that I brought from Certaldo, on the roof.  We had a great shot of the Duomo from there.  After an hour or so we met up with the rest of their gang and went to this great restaurant for dinner.  I had some lasagna, it was fantastic and we also had a few bottles of wine.  I made it back to the train station a few minutes before my train took off.  Riding the train at night is difficult.  You can't see jack out the window so it's  very difficult to figure out what train station your sitting at, or even worse, just leaving!  Anyway, somehow I managed to get back here to Certaldo.

Tomorrow I take off to the campground and eventually I'm off to my workcamp.  I may spend 15 days in Firenze at the campground and then come back here for a week before I make my way to the volunteer project.  Not certain yet.  I may also hook up with "Freddy" from the Broumov workcamp, but I'll have to see if she's in the area since right now she is in the Czech Republic getting silly with Petr.  Anyway, I'm really tired from all the running around and I have to be ready for tomorrow so I'm going to sign off for now.

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