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20 may 2001

We just got back from eating a great vegan lunch and I washed dishes with the help of some of my workcamp buddies.  We have tomorrow off so we plan to take a little picnic out into the hills in the afternoon.  Tomorrow I need to complete my journal entries and other stuff. I still haven't tried my new PIN on my card, as well I will likely purchase some new shoes because mine really stink!  I have been really having a great time here at the workcamp.  Our general formula is we get up at 9:00am, eat breakfast and most of us start working at about 10:30am.  We have generally been eating lunch at 3:30pm and most of the time calling it a day by 5:00pm.  After we get back to our accommodations we generally head out to a bar and get silly.

This past Sunday, after working and taking a little hike at a town down the road from Broumov we watched the ice hockey final with the Czech Republic and Finland.  Before we headed to the game we took a train to the end of the line where Petr had a meeting.  We walked from the house where the meeting was going to take place to a small pub down the road.  We all had a beer and shared a snack while we relaxed in the warm afternoon sun.  The small Czech village was very nice with a variety of houses and most places having dogs and other animals.  After the walk we decided to watch the game and caught one of the last trains back to Broumov.  The place we went to watch the game, Vegas, was packed.  We pretty much stood up near the bar and hung out.  It was pretty cool, drinking beer and watching the game.  Sanna, one of the volunteers, is from Finland, she was pretty excited about the game.  I wanted to see the game as well since Charley and I watched the ice hockey game in San Jose.  Sanna taught me to say Finland in Finnish and I added the famous Ali/Forman chant to it.  We saw some of the Roma at the bar and some younger Czech people were interested in us since we were rooting for Finland.  It was a pretty typical evening at a sporting event, the Czech guys.

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