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21 august 2001

Last night I did a little bar hoping, but only really hung out at one pub for an extended period of time.  This town is really interesting, there doesn't seem to be any singles, well at least where I was hanging out.  There are also a shitload of foreigners here as well, kinda reminds me of Praha.  Got back to the dorm at about midnight and I was the last person in bed!  Before I sacked out I did some light reading of Poland and then just passed out.  I skipped breakfast this morning so I just did some more light reading and snoozing before I took a shower and shaved my head and face.  Managed to cut my head on my new blade this morning, sucks. I hadn't done that since I was Stratford-Upon-Avon, I think.  Not too big a deal since it doesn't look that bad.  Afterwards I made some lunch and headed over to the Irish National Museum for about three hours. The museum has a very nice Irish history section, where I spent most of my time.  I headed over to the National Gallery for about 30 or 40 minutes.  I really wasn't into being there after the museum so I headed over to a nearby park and wandered around there until almost 5:00pm.  Afterwards I made my way to a grocery store and bought a few items and made my way back to the hostel to eat dinner.  I'm basically out of food except for one packet of soup that I'll eat as a snack tonight, and the rye crackers I'll eat tomorrow whilst on the train.  It looks like I'll be taking the 11:00am train to Galway tomorrow, but I could take a later one if necessary.  The hostel is going to kick me out at 10:30am anyway so no big deal.

One strange thing happened today with the hostel, which is really just a converted hotel with electronic key cards.  Anyway, on my way back from lunch my card wouldn't work so I had to go to reception to get it fixed. They wanted some fucking card they gave me when I checked in, that I had locked in the room as proof I was a guest.  Woa!  Anyway, I convinced them I was a guest and they cut me a new card.  Funny thing was two other people in our dorm were complaining about their cards not working this morning.  I think the staff did something to our room's card keys, but who knows.  This hostel has really been different from other hostels, even the Italian hostels.  Anyway, I'm down here at this sports bar again having my first Guinness of the evening.  They have a football game on the TV, but it doesn't seem to be as popular as the Manchester United game the other evening.  I'm looking forward to heading to Galway tomorrow, maybe by luck I'll run into Michael, but maybe not since I never heard from him.

I still need to get Gerry a cool gift for this weekend, so maybe something from Galway like a compass and a map of Glasgow so he doesn't get lost walking around so easily!  I also need to e-mail Lien, Hilde and Evelyn for our meeting in Gent, as well as book my flight from Belgium to France so I can make my way to my next workcamp.  I was also thinking about bailing on my first leg of my flight back to the States but KLM needs more info on my ticket before they can determine if I can or not.  Time is really just whizzing by, even when I'm supposed to be taking it easy and relaxing.  Soon I'll be back in the States getting silly at Tracey and Bill's wedding and then back in the U.K. hopefully hanging out with Scott, the punk who may be heading to the US for another contract, d'oh!  When I return to Glasgow I hope also to spend some time updating my web site, if not I'll have to wait until I get back to the States!

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