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21 july 2001

Zonca is a reasonably remote village with only a few people. I have been here for nearly a week, sleeping in a house made of stone and wood. We sleep on hay in our sleeping bags, the roof has a few holes, but the rain does not get us wet. We are approximately 30 minutes away by foot from the nearest town, a fairly steep climb if you are not use to it, or are an over weight and out of shape American like me. This morning I needed to check my mail situation here in Zonca, and I was also hoping to get to Domodossola today as well with some other people from the workcamp. I wanted to make sure I had enough time, after checking mail to make the bus so I made my own way off the hill a little early.  Somehow I managed to walk to Montescheno instead of Sepiana. D'oh! I wandered around for quite some time just to make it back to Zonca so I could try again to go to Sepiana.

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25 december 2001

Bonne Noel!  I'm hanging out in the Grand Salon after hanging out until 05:00 for our XMAS party.  We had breakfast/lunch at about 14:30 and now it's about 16:30.  In a few hours I'll try to call home

18 december 2001

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10 december 2001

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