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21 november 2001

I'm here in Bergamo, one of the famous places mentioned in the Inferno by Dante.  I've been doing a little walking around this evening to see if I can do my laundry for less than 15,000 Lira.  I can't believe the hostel is charging so much, it's unbelievable.  After walking for about three hours, and not finding the laundry matt, I decided to try to get into Alessandria or the Torino hostel tomorrow.

Yesterday in Verona I just hung out mostly.  In the morning I walked to the train station and bought my ticket out here.  While I was there this well dressed young man asked me for a few thousand Lire to buy a train ticket.  I gave it to him.  After a few minutes the same guy came by again and wanted more money, fucking jerk.  I'm pretty sure he wasn't going to buy a train ticket.  In the afternoon I made it to another Internet Cafe that was open in the afternoon from 12:00 - 14:30.  In the evening they are open from 19:30 - 0:30.  I hung out there until they kicked me out at 14:30.

I then went to the hostel and began to read Dante's Inferno.  I'm now on Canto XXIV, at this pace I'll be done with the book soon.  I may read it over again since there are so many things to analyze that Dante wrote.  Last night I crashed at about 10:00pm and had a tough time sleeping since some wacko in our dorm was really snoring strangely.  I gotta sign off for now to call some hostels, but I might be back.

Ok, I just tried to call Torino and they are totally booked for tomorrow.  Unfortunately I am having some issues with getting a hold of the Alessandria hostel so maybe one of the local hostel guys can help me out, but currently they are nowhere to be found.  I may be forced to stay here for another evening.

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