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22 april 2001

It is fucking cold outside right now.  Just walked down the way to the corner store for a couple of bottles of water.  Got my silly ass up at about 10:00am this morning and took a shower.  This morning I made some toast and some soup for breakfast.  I'll be nearly done with my food when I leave tomorrow.  I'll have some peanut butter and jam left, I'll probably just leave it here except the peanut butter.  I just took it easy today and walked around town.  I bought a few postcards and wrote one out to the parents, Ivan & Susan, Charley & Melissa.  I still need to figure out when/where/how to mail them.  I also went down to the library again to check e-mail.  I had about ten new messages which I had little time to reply to within the time limit.  Apollo Hosting has claimed to have solved my upload problems.  I didn't check today, I'll hopefully have time in Wales, if not I'll have to wait until I get back to Oxford or London where I can get behind an E1 to do some real uploading.

The only other thing I've been doing today is hanging out, reading and helping the hostel manager fix the stereo.  We finally got it up and running when he checked the sky box upstairs.  MTV sounds much better now.  I've been reading the Scottish Folk and Fairy Tales book they have on the shelf here at the hostel.  They are interesting stories, pretty easy reading and fairly short.  Tomorrow I'll be on a bus to Bangor and should be there late tomorrow evening.  I plan to stay there for about a week, return to Oxford before 1 May and then on to the Czech Republic for my first workcamp.  Still need to book my flight out to Germany. I'm not sure if I'll just fly into Düsseldorf or somewhere else.  München or Nuremberg may be better options if I can use my tickets.  Anyway, enough for this evening.

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