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22 june 2001

Just got back from trying to do some updating on my web site.  I was trying to get Nutscape's Composer to work but I wasn't very successful.  For some reason I couldn't publish the page.  It looked like the page would be uploaded but nothing would be changed.  I opened another ticket with Apollo Hosting to try to get them to put the old site creation tool online, we'll see how things go with this second request.  Had a great time last night talking to this cool Aussie lady who also plays rugby.  I was writing out some postcards when she sat down at my table.  We had a shit load of wine, it was silly.  She was a really cool lady, I hope to see here again tonight.  I also managed to smash my finger somehow last night.  I managed to get out of bed sometime after 11:00am, woa!  I wasn't hung over but I felt very slow.  I bought some cereal and milk from the store and made that my breakfast.  I was moving very slowly and eventually bought some bus tickets and took a bus downtown.  I must have been at the Internet Cafe for about 4 hours, mostly doing e-mail, but also trying to upload some page changes with Composer.  Anyway, I'll try again tomorrow sometime.  I decided to walk back to camp, but before I crossed the river I bought two sandwiches from a store near Piazza dello Vecchio.  They were 3500 Lira a piece and they were very good.  On my way up the hill I tried to see if there was a shortcut through the bottom of the hill, twice.  Now I'm just hanging out here on the patio being attacked by bugs.  Tonight might be just a water night.

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