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22 may 2001

Another beautiful morning in Broumov.  The only people up and awake from camp are myself and Mariko.  Petr should be back in town this morning or early afternoon so we can paint our art projects.  Continuing from my previous entry the high school students invited us to their parade and games the following day but unfortunately it was raining so it was canceled.  They called it the hippy parade.  We also invited the students to the dance party and Michelle showed up so she was pretty cool.  Later in the evening we hung out in the tea room and talked.  We drank tea until nearly 11:00pm so we missed the bars.  That evening Kosaku and I resolved to buy beer early in the day and store it in the refrigerator for later use.  Actually that evening we may have gotten into the Irish pub, but I don't recall for sure.  The next day we worked most of the day and when we got back to the good doctors house we had to get ready for the dance party at Vegas.  During the day we did some light work in the rain.  I modified some rain gutters to keep water from flooding the brewery basement while the rest of the crew created a drainage ditch in the basement.  Though there was a break in the rain, we still wandered over to the square to confirm the students parade was canceled.  While we were sitting there Michelle and another of her classmates we had meet previously found us sitting in the square.  I reminded them about the dance zone gig and then they disappeared to head home.  I remember we had lunch a little later on and then headed back to our accommodations.

The dance party at Vegas was a lot of fun.  We all went and were getting majorly silly dancing with the locals and with ourselves.  I met and talked to some very nice people.  One lady on the dance floor was asking me all sorts of questions while we were dancing and having a good time.  Her name was Jane and she was really into R.E.M.  She also thought, like we all did, that the pivo was good but the music selections were crappy.  Especially crappy was the fog machine which would blind people so they couldn't see.  I found myself caught in the mist a few times.  We also saw Frankie that evening, he as dress to kill and getting very silly as well.  Of course the highlight of the dance floor was Lien, my little sunshine.  She is a very phat dancer and she can really tear up the floor.  I think Lien didn't sit down all evening as she was dancing with the group and the other locals fairly constantly.  She is so silly that even when her contacts were making her eye tear she didn't miss a step.  We stayed at the dance party until very late, until past 2:00pm drinking and doing the general silly stuff.

While I was taking a small break from the dancing a few more locals came up to me and started to talk to me in Czech.  They couldn't speak a lot of English so it was a lot of hand gestures and laughing.  They had seen me the day before using the pick on a wall to remove some bricks.  Most of the basement level windows which are right at street level have been bricked up.  Unfortunately this is not allowing the basement to evaporate water so we have been spending some time taking out some of the bricks.  When we got back to the good doctors house we drank some more and eventually I passed out more or less fully clothed.  The great thing was next morning, I felt pretty good!

Saturday I was really silly and got up very early.  Petr had come by early as well so we headed out and bought some supplies for the art work we would be making on Sunday.  We bought some chicken wire and paint supplies and then did a little grocery shopping.  In the morning we inspected the basement to verify the drainage trench was working and everything had pretty much drained.  We also toured the basement and checked out where the monks had stored the brewed beer.  The place was incredible, with a high vaulted ceiling and loads of room.  Most of the place was being used as storage by a local water distributor.  I hope to head back down to the basement to checkout the place again.

Saturday Petr and I did some investigation of a passageway leading to the first floor.  We discovered that it lead close to another outside door so I removed a few rows of bricks to allow some air circulation into the lower corridor.  Later on in the afternoon Kosaku and I beat the shit out of some more bricks for the remainder of the day.  I was pretty beat after that day of work.  My hands were cramping every twenty minutes or so and my bones were aching from the constant jarring of pounding bricks.  We headed to the tea room after work to talk about what was going to happen the next few days and then headed back to the doctors house.

That evening the doctors daughter and her husband had come by to visit.  Veronica speaks English and is 5 months pregnant.  She is a wonderful lady and fun to talk with. Jean, her husband is French and speaks a little English, but prefers to speak French.  The group hung out on the patio most of the evening and the doctor cooked meat for us on his BBQ.  We had a great time eating and talking as we had fallen off the vegan wagon once again.  It was funny to see the people slowly come out of the room where we were staying into the warm evening and see their faces light up when the good doctor offered them some food.  The really great thing about our host is he speaks very little English, but we can carry on a decent conversation using semantics.  A lot of German and French was spoken that evening as our two Dutch girls speak both languages.  Veronica and Jean, as well as the good doctor speak Czech and Hungarian.  We hung out a long time, past 10:00pm and Jean suggested we try a bar where you need to ring the doorbell to enter.  We tried to get Jean to go with us for a few more beers but he wanted to stay with Veronica.  Marieke, Mariko, Kosaku and I headed to the bar and stayed for a beer.  A couple of the Roma were there and they were getting a little out of control so we left.  One thing I had forgotten, when we were hanging out in the room the girls convinced me to ask the good doctor for a radio, preferably with a CD player.  When I headed outside to ask Veronica, she translated for me and we had a CD player.  The good doctor also had some home made wine which was very good and some home made liquor which was a Czech national drink.  They asked me if I wanted to try the liquor and, of course, I accepted.  The Czech usually slam it so I did as well and they got a great kick out of it.  All together I had three shots of the stuff, two when I first came out and one later on in the evening.  They offered some to Kosaku as well, he sipped his.

Before we left I told Jean that I would like to practice my French with him the next evening and he was cool with the idea.

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