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22 november 2001

Woa!  I'm here at a pizzeria in Alessandria.  I just ate a really good pizza with tuna, ham, beans, onion and some other stuff, it was great.  It was called Alla Texana, and they made it spicy for me, though it wasn't that spicy.  I'm really glad I left Bergamo and came here, it is really nice.  The people here are very friendly and they tolerate my crappy Italian.  The hostel is in this incredible place, right next to this church.  I can't believe what a cool place it is for only 20,000 Lira.  Speaking of money, I'm really glad that I hit a bank before I came down here because I don't think I'm going to get out of here without the bill being less that 50,000 Lira.

I missed my original connection heading out here from some fucking place.  I really REALLY had to take a fucking leak and the nice lady in the bar understood my broken, crappy Italian and let me into the rest room, she was cool.  I was walking around Alessandria trying to find the hostel, and not having a whole lot of luck.  The people here are very nice.  I was just bent down at a city map at a gas station and some lady off the street came up to me wanting to help me.  The gas station attendant as well, as they pointed me in the right direction to the hostel.  My roommate in the hostel is this older Colombian guy.  He has been there for some time.  He speaks Spanish, but he talks to me in Italian.  I understand some, but not all, since he is not really Italian, but he seems to be a really nice guy.

To borrow a phrase from Kuba, "I am so drunk."  I have committed myself to being in East Berlin for Gábor's party on the 14th.  I am really happy to go there but I am really sad that Fiona will be studying and not able to see me.  How tragic.  This morning the jerk above me stole the marble that Fiona gave to me as a gift.  Fuck, I know it was just a joke but fuck, why did that guy have to steal that?  I also got an e-mail from Kuba.  I hope he comes to Berlin.  I think we will have a good time.  It will be good to see that Polish punk again as well.  But think, we would have a mad time in Berlin with Gábor.  Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, and maybe two Croatian ladies to help the night along.  I am really DRUNK!! Woa, maybe I will write tomorrow.

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