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23 april 2001

OK, made it to Bangor in Wales.  The hostel isn't too difficult to find if you don't over analyze the directions.  Of course I did and it took about an hour to get my ass out here.  I had to stop by the local police station for a map and some kind motorist honked me down the road further as I was about to head down the wrong path.  I took the bus from Stratford-upon-avon which was a very nice ride through some very pretty countryside.  We first stopped in Birmingham to change buses.  Birmingham is a very efficient bus station with clear signs of what bus stops in what stall.  I was in Birmingham for about 30 minutes before the new bus showed up.  The ride out to Wales was also nice.  I sat by myself and removed my cap to get my skull some sun, not sure if it worked or not.  After arriving at the HI in Bangor I walked down to the market and bought some food.  I'll be staying here until Saturday morning where I'll either head back to Stratford-upon-avon or Oxford.  I still would like to see the spectacle on 1 May in Oxford.  Oh, I also noticed a lot of nice taverns in Wales, and mostly along the way.  The point of interest is the difference between a tavern and an 'arms'.  I think they are the same, but there could be some subtle difference.  My feet are killing me right now and I'm pretty tired so I think today will be a short entry.

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