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24 april 2001

It's been a lazy day today.  Got my ass out of bed at about 8:30am this morning to take a shower and get some breakfast.  This morning I ate the remainder of the beef pies I bought up the street, with some toast and yogurt, which was pretty good.  I then hung out for a while and walked around downtown Bangor thinking the museum was open early, which it wasn't.  Instead I walked down to the peer and checked out the high tide which was a pretty drastic change from yesterday's low tide.  I then went back to the hostel and did some laundry before heading down to the museum.

The Bangor museum is really very nice with a lot of local artists and artifacts.  I spent several hours there wandering around the three levels of the place.  The greatest part was the stones on the first floor and the information on the revitalization of a local bridge.  They had a marvelous scale model on the bridge on the second floor.  The ground floor was basically an art exhibit by some local Welsh guy.  He was exploring his visions, which were secular in nature though he claims to be an unbeliever.  The works were primarily in iron, bronze and wood.  There were busts of people and combinations of animals, like birds and doves.  Very interesting work for the most part, but difficult to examine.  After leaving the museum I made my way back to the hostel again to do some laundry.  I had been wearing the same pants and short for quite some time, over two weeks and they were getting rank!

Right now my clothes are drying without the assistance of an electric dryer, so it's taking considerably longer.  They should be dry in the next few hours and most certainly by tomorrow morning.  Other than being lazy, I've already made and ate dinner.  I fixed two cans of stew which were very good.  I'm looking forward to the chili con carne tomorrow evening.  I've also done some light reading as well from the pamphlets concerning sites of interest.  I've planned my route tomorrow to a castle I'll be visiting via public transportation.  Should be cool.  I've also located a second place I want to visit another day.

The bus system here seems to be very good with frequent stops and recurrence.  I'm not entirely certain how expensive/cheap the trips will cost.  A guy in he dorm suggested a day pass if the return trip was going to be more than £4.30.  They call the day pass a Red Robin or something similar.  It's very quiet in the TV room, the TV is off and the sun is setting so it is getting darker by the minute.  I'm going to do some light reading and then check my laundry before crashing early tonight.

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