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24 november 2001

Woa!  I just finished taking a shower, shaving and finally cleaning my clothes.  I had to leave the wonderful city of Alessandria since I couldn't wash my clothes.  It was a really nice villa, right in this little area next to the church.  Last night I headed back to the same pizzeria and had their spaghetti, more wine and cheese, woa!  Gorgonzola on bread is absolutely fantastic.  I hung out there for a while, eating and drinking before I bailed back to the hostel.  This morning I made it out of the hostel at about 10:00 and made my way down to the train station.  The train ride here to Torino was really very nice as well.  Since I was so early I decided to take a walk along the river.  I managed to make it a few kilometers before I decided to head back to the hostel.

Lately I have been considering doing the Camino de Santiago.  In fact I spent about an hour yesterday on the Internet doing some basic research on where I might start.  I'm also still undecided what distance I will walk.  I'm still leaning towards 900 km, but I'd like to know where that starting point is.  I am also thinking I will begin the pilgrimage after my Vichy workcamp, that should take me into February or so and then I gotta finalize what I might do in the Czech Republic.  I can't believe how time is running by so quickly, it's incredible!  I still want to take an Italian class, but I may have to put it off until next year.  I still plan to see Alessia again and then head down into Slovenia to see Natasa and then up to Berlin to see Gábor before I bail out to France.  That's one things I really gotta figure out is how I'm going to get my silly ass to Vichy.  I'm eating here in the hostel tonight, with a bottle of wine I bought in Alessandria.  I'm really hungry so I'm looking forward to dinner.  I'm signing off for now.

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