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25 june 2001

Ok, out here on the patio this lovely Monday morning.  It's going to be a scorcher today I think, but we have a little breeze so maybe it won't be so bad.  Continuing from last night, I baked out in this park for a while until a little past 2:00pm when I headed over to the Internet Cafe.  Apollo Hosting had e-mailed me that the reason why they removed the original site creation tool was because they had some licensing issues with the provider of the tool.  I guess they originally were getting it for free, but now they have to pay for it so they dumped it.  My only realistic alternative is Netscape's Composer which really isn't anything like the formal tool.  Composer is really a page editor, not a site editor.  Anyway I used Composer for most of the day, I was getting very frustrated with having to update links in multiple places manually.  Composer also fucked up my original homepage.  I'm sure it's something simple but I was so frustrated and the Internet Cafe was closing, I just said fuck it for now.  Before I left I opened up two more trouble tickets.  One to hopefully restore a long journal entry on May 27th, somehow it became overwritten.  The second to let Apollo Hosting know how frustrated I am with them.  I'm really at a loss as what exactly I'm going to do with the web site.  It will be nearly impossible to manually do all the updates for the links.  I've also been considering doing a redesign of my web site to reduce the amount of links, but that could also take a while.  Maybe I'll try to find another web hosting company that kept the tool, but I'm uncertain how big a pain in the ass that process might be, especially how Apollo Hosting may play a roll.

After the Cafe closed I made my way back towards camp, but discovered that the police wouldn't let me walked directly to the camp.  I had to take a road which wound around a few km's.  I was sweating and hot by the time I got to camp, it was insane.  I also ate my last meal here at the camp restaurant, they really suck as well.  I waited for nearly an hour for a microwave pizza.  The poor bastard next to me had a salad and something else and he waited for an hour, shit more than that because he was at least an hour when I got my food.  After I ate he still didn't have his food, that poor bastard.  After the fireworks the guy was gone so I guess he ate.  Anyway, I'm going to head back into town via bus because I don't want to be a sweaty mess today.

Well I made it back here to camp.  I kept my promise that I wouldn't eat from the restaurant so on my way back from town I found a take-out place a grabbed a few things.  I spent most of the day in the Internet Cafe trying to fix my homepage, finally hacked it and now it's back to the way it used to be.  While I was down at the Cafe I e-mailed another company to see if it will be a large pain in the ass to transfer the web site.  Hopefully while I'm in Siena tomorrow I'll get an answer from them.  I also added a few more pages to my online journal before I bailed out of there to make sure I got back here before the store closed.  Oh, I also got a reply about having Apollo Hosting restoring a file, they want $50.00 to do it, they are seriously trying to piss me off.  Anyway, I'll see how this other company replies and I guess I'll make a decision from there.  I'm a little more familiar with Composer, but it still lacks the ability to manage the entire site in an easy manner.  So basically I gotta manually update a shitload of links.  My only alternative to this is redesigning the site which I'm not willing to do right now.  Fuck Apollo Hosting.

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