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25 october 2001

We just ate an incredible dinner that Hae Young, Caroline and I made.  We made some glass noodles, Kim Bap and a pasta dish with cheese.  I am mega stuffed from over eating and I really need to walk around a little bit.  Anyway, back to my story.  If you open the database too quickly, Jet will lock 256 bits of the MDB header and multiple people won't get into the database.  This is a feature of the engine so we are investigating ways around it.  It was cool being in Zurich and hanging out with the PBI guys.  For lunch we went down the street and got some take-away, but we went next door to eat our food.  I had the special with beef and it was really good, but it did a number on my digestion system.  I gotta boogie to a meeting so hopefully I can write a little later.

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25 december 2001

Bonne Noel!  I'm hanging out in the Grand Salon after hanging out until 05:00 for our XMAS party.  We had breakfast/lunch at about 14:30 and now it's about 16:30.  In a few hours I'll try to call home

18 december 2001

The last few days in Slovenia were really fun.  Unfortunately I had to leave.  The last day is was snowing and we went on this hike with Patricija.  It was really nice.  Basically we went up this hill

10 december 2001

It's been a few days since I've written, been having way too much fun here in Slovenia.  Right now Natasa and I are hanging out in this pub in Begunje, a small town near Bled.  Natasa's birthday was m

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