26 november 2001 | Travel Journal

26 november 2001

I just boogied back from my favorite Italian Internet cafe chain, the Netgate, after spending about 5 or 6 hours there.  I am really putting a dent in catching up my journal and also preparing to add more pictures as well.  I was thinking I might spend some considerable time doing the updates this week, but at least I'll be reasonably caught up before I head to France in the middle of December.  I've also taken a shitload more pictures so it will be nice to start fresh again.  I'm very glad I headed down to the Internet cafe... it will be good to get this stuff completed.  I was also thinking that I will blast Pedro and Francesco an e-mail to try to hook up with them this weekend.  That will give me time to hopefully finish my web work and time for them to respond to me via e-mail.

This afternoon I took a little break and walked down to Porta Nuova to take a leak.  I needed to walk as well.  When I got down to the WC there was a line again and as I was waiting I was thinking someone will try to cut again.  Well, I was right, this jerk tried to cut in front of me right as someone was walking out.  I yelled, hey, and then followed up with a prego and he backed off, though he yelled something after I got into the stall, probably something to everyone to hurry up.  Anyway the other two stalls were slower than me so when I came out the guy was trying to cut again but some bigger guy grabbed him and went into the stall, poor bastard.  The guy who was trying to cut definitely was Italian, the guy who went into the stall after me probably wasn't.  That was enough amusement for the trip so I just headed back to the Internet cafe.

On my way back to the hostel I picked up a bottle of wine that I will be eating, or rather, drinking with my meal tonight.  The cook Nazi better not stare at me all night while I enjoy my wine.  Tomorrow I'll be heading back down to the Internet cafe, they open at 11:00.  I'm also going to redesign the photo portion of the site to make things easier to add.  Anyway, half an hour until dinner so I'm signing off for now.

T. B.
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