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28 june 2001

I just had breakfast this nice Thursday morning here on the patio at camp.  These last few days I've spent a lot of time reading and finishing my Dutch book.  I've also spent considerable time down at the Internet Cafe trying to update my journal entries, which I managed to catch up last night.  Before I left the Internet Cafe I re-opened two tickets with Apollo Hosting telling them I thought it was ludicrous to pay $50.00 to restore a file, especially since their own schedule of fees doesn't mention the cost.  Second, I'm still doing battle with Apollo Hosting concerning the significant reduction of utility I'm getting from the removal of the Site Creation tool.  Later on today I may head down to the Internet Cafe to check on their responses.

I've been meaning to head into Siena these last few days but I've not quite made it yet.  I think primarily because I've been doing this crap with Apollo Hosting.  This morning I think everyone was awaken by the massive thundershower.  I stayed in my ten and listened to it, it sounded like it was right above us!  It rained pretty hard a couple of times as well which was really nice.  It's much cooler today than it has been since I've been in Firenze, possibly since I've been in Italy.  We had some high clouds, and hopefully they'll stay for a few days, the heat has been killing me!

Today I'll probably shower and shave my face and head as well and do my laundry since a lot of my clothes are in desperate need of washing.  The last few nights I've been coming back late from town.  Firenze has some wacko shit that happens in the evening, so I was also thinking this evening that I would hang out and catch some of the street performers.  The staff have the particular WC blocked off that I've been using to shave so I'm going to chill out until they open it up and then shave my head!

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