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28 may 2001

Back here in the hostel where the dumb fuck behind the bar must be from the Czech Republic because he can't pour a beer to save his life.  The Czech are really great at a few things, ice hockey and making beer.  Czech women are beautiful as well. 

This morning I got out of bed a little after 9:00am.  I had to make my way down to the bank to do a little foreign exchange so I could pay for my room tonight.  After I walked to the bank I came back here and then headed to the Internet Cafe where I stayed for 8 hours.  That's how long it took to update my online journal.  I also blasted out some e-mails and other odds and ends.  Some time this week I hope to upload pictures from my camera and also check out how I might get to and from Firenze to visit Curtis.  I may not visit him until 20 June which could give me more time in the Czech Republic or somewhere else.

Today I thought about my workcamp buddies as I was typing like a madman into the computer.  One thing that is really exciting about these people is how young they are.  They are just graduating from high school or really beginning college.  I really enjoyed talking and interacting with them because they are so raw and fun to be around.  They are optimistic, bright, caring and unscathed by the pressures of Corporate America.  I was constantly amazed my their comments concerning my normal speech patterns... what they termed cruel and mean, it was really fascinating.

I have made an informal plan to meet Lien and Sanna within the next few months.  My workcamp in Belgium will be about an hour via train from Gent where Lien currently lives.  Sanna will be in Switzerland for nine months and my workcamp will overlap her time there.  I really hope to see these ladies again before I leave or am unable to see them because I headed back to the USA.  Actually Lien wants to visit me in the USA as well, maybe sometime next year.  I hope she does, that would be great!  I also heard from Lea today.  She and Gerry are heading down to Greece for a few weeks and we are still on track for hooking up in August.  It also looks like I am close to selling my truck which will be cool, just down to the details.  Tomorrow I hope to buy some more post cards and maybe see the castle or the museum.  Really this is a time to relax and chill out so I don't have a whole lot scheduled.  After the Internet Cafe I had a beer there and then walked back to the Czech restaurant down the street and had a kick ass meal and a few beers for major cheap.  It was great.  It can be fun watching the locals and just hanging out.  I had some chicken and fry's and salad, it was very good.  I'm going to read for a while.

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