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28 october 2001

I am mega tired right now.  We spent the day out and about doing a hike on the Rhine to a waterfall, it was really nice.  This weekend we were really busy with the conference.  In the morning of the first day, Friday, we puttered around and I checked to make sure people had registered before they went upstairs to where the conference was being held.  I did that for two hours or so.  In the afternoon we helped build the bridge for the art exhibit that was outside.  At about 14:15 we interrupted the conference for PBI's event.  Everyone elected me to do the interruption.  I had to improvise a speech when I got up there.  It was pretty dry and to the point, but it got the people outside and on with the event.  We had a really great dinner that evening and I went on a walk by myself to help my digestion.  I made it back later on in the evening for part of the conference and I listened to people speak and the audience ask questions.  After a few of us took down the photo exhibition and other manual tasks before we headed back to Mannenbach.

That evening we were getting silly in general and I think I stayed up until about 2:40, drinking and carrying on.  I was supposed to get back downstairs at about 6:30 or so to help Alvin, but I slept through my alarm and didn't quite make it in time.  The next morning we all boogied out to the workshop portion of the conference, held is some other town at a really cool school.  I took notes in a workshop, we primarily talked about child soldiers.  That evening after the workshop we had this great party and Haiti food

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