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29 june 2001

Well last night I got my wish.  Instead of wishing Apollo Hosting would correct the issues we have between us I managed to wish for more thunderstorms and rain.  Well, we got that in a major way last night.  I was sitting in the Internet Cafe last night and the thunder was going absolutely nuts!  We all pretty much got kicked out of the Internet Cafe at 10:00pm.  I had to shut down my session instead of logging out correctly and boogie.  I waited outside for a little while under the protection of the store front alcove.  After the downpour lightened up a little I moved on down the road to the little pizza place I ate at the other night.  Unfortunately they were closed, but the cool waiter directed me to another place back up the street about 50 meters away.  That place was pretty cool and they had some good food there.  The place was a lot bigger than it originally appeared, and a butt load of people where there doing the same thing, avoiding the rain.

After eating I made my way back to camp.  I stopped by and got two sandwiches for a snack, unbelievable.  Not too many people were out and about due to the current storm.  I made my way back up the hill and the sky was beginning to crack.  Even though it was mildly raining, I still arrived into camp sweating.  Oh yeah, talk about butt loads, there is a really double wide butt load of kids here now that arrived via bus yesterday.  As I was making my way through the camp by the patio, to the WC, there must have been 30 of them on a single bench, it was funny.  Anyway, I was tired and it was late so I crashed.  That's when I discovered my laundry, that I had kinda laid out inside my tent, still wasn't dry.  I slept in my clothes on my damp sleep sheet, that sucked.  The next morning I got up at about 6:30am to take a leak.  Little kids were sleeping everywhere, it was absolutely unreal.  It was like a bomb went off and distributed sleeping kids all over the place.  Anyway, I went back to sleep and got back up a little later.  I ate some breakfast and then headed into town to walk around.  I was hoping to do some light reading, but I didn't have any books.

I did some walking around and then made my way over to the Internet Cafe to check on Apollo Hosting.  I guess I'm now dealing with Janet from billing and she's pulling the same shit as the help desk so I've asked her politely, again, to read the trouble ticket thread since her first response displays a fundamental ignorance to my position.  I left the Internet Cafe on my new quest, to find a new book!  I must have walked around for quite some time and I eventually found a bookstore with a decent "English" section.  May bookstores have "English" sections, but they are pitiful at best.  This one had a decent sized section and the books were a lot cheaper, I bought two: Dante's Divine Comedy and Melville's Moby Dick.  I picked up Dante for obvious reasons, mainly because I'm here in Firenze.  I had to pick up Moby Dick because I've made so many references to the book without having read it.  I figured I'd better read it.  I also managed to re-find the awesome pizzeria again today and got a major calzone for 4,500 Lira.  I'm still stuffed from the thing!  Shortly after I bought my books I made my way back up the hill again so I could get some water before the store closed, still working on it in fact.  Not sure what I'll be doing tomorrow, I found some pretty cool places to walk around today while on my book quest.  I'll probably end up reading at least part of the day tomorrow, probably starting on Moby Dick!

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