29 may 2001 | Travel Journal

29 may 2001

Made it up the hill back to the hostel.  I went back to the Chinese restaurant and had their chicken in curry.  It was pretty good, especially with the hot sauce and a few beers.  I got my silly ass out of bed at about 10:00am to shave my head and face.  I then got some breakfast across the way and then made my way down to the market to buy some razors and toothpaste.  I eventually made my way back to the hostel and on to a park where I did some light reading of Ivanhoe on a bench for a few hours.  I happened to notice the sky was looking a little angry and after about a 100 meters of walking back towards the hostel it began to rain a little.  I spent the remainder of the afternoon hanging out in the hostel reading.  At about 6:30pm I was really starting to get hungry so that's when I decided to make my way back downtown.  Tomorrow I may have to do laundry and maybe I will also try to spend some time at the Internet Cafe and upload some pictures.  It was grueling spending 8 hours yesterday on the Internet so hopefully I will have an easier time tomorrow if I make it down there.  I also need to complete some research on flights and getting around as well.  I'm going to do some light reading now so I'm signing off.

T. B.
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