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3 july 2001

Here I am back at camp.  Somehow though it's not the mystery that it would at first seem.  I made it back here a little bit early.  I'm one bottle deep and with three sandwiches, I'm feeling pretty unbalanced.  It's like I'm riding on the main mast of the Pequod, back and forth, etc.  Today I mostly read, Moby Dick, and if I'm still standing afterwards, I'll pick it up again.  I was a lazy bastard this morning.  I woke up at 4:00am, and then again at 6:00am and multiple times until about 11:00am, it may have been later.  After getting some breakfast, I began to read and suddenly, it was almost 5:00pm.  So I packed up my shit and headed off into town to check e-mail.

I'm hoping to get some word from VFP that my workcamp situation is all O.K.  Today I didn't hear from VFP so hopefully tomorrow.  I did, however, hear again from Apollo Hosting.  I had to buy another hour of time so I could respond to them.  In my opinion, they're not getting it.  I asked Janet, the Apollo Hosting representative to head down to her favorite Internet Cafe and attempt some updates that I am now forced to do.  We'll see how they respond to that shit.  I don't think they still understand how they have fucked me up my goat's ass.  I'll see, I wrote a fairly scathing, Melvillist reply, see if they will get it.  I gave them a way out, if they don't see the problems they have caused for me then they can simply close the ticket.  I will then move forward on my own, in some direction as yet determined.

After finishing my e-mail I thought I might just head back to camp and buy some food from the camp store to make a few sandwiches.  Woa, very good decision!  I threw in a bottle of nice, cheap wine for 15,300 Lira.  Side note to dad: that about $7.50, depending on your exchange rate, but a good estimate none the less.  Then I made my way up to the patio to eat, with the setting Firenze sun right in my face.  After consuming my first bottle, I decided to do another, but some water first.

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