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3 june 2001

Got a little interrupted last night while I was attempting to write in my journal at the bar.  I finally hooked up with the beautiful Brazilian girls.  They are a lot of fun and very silly.  They are studying in Barcelona and have finished their degrees in architecture, all three of them, but they may go back to Brazil or stay, they hadn't figured it out.  Man, they were a real blast.  They actually speak Portuguese, but they could understand me though I was butchering Spanish.  Anyway, more about the cool Brazilians a little later.  The night before I was hanging out in cafe Amsterdam until late.  Did the same last night.  Some how I managed to drag my silly ass out of bed fairly early, got some breakfast and then did a walking tour that started at about noon.  I paid 300 Kc to walk around with our guide and learn about Communism in the Czech Republic.  We ended the tour at the church where some Czech paratroopers had assassinated the Nazi governor in Praha during W.W.II.  They were hiding in the crypt under the church when someone betrayed their presence.  The Nazi's tried to gas them, smoke them and drown them out of the crypt.  None of these tactics worked.  The Czech also tried to dig a tunnel from the crypt to the sewer to escape, but that didn't work or they ran out of time as the Nazi's gained a second entrance into the crypt.  The Nazi's were about to storm the crypt when the Czech took their own lives.  The power of their resistance is moving.  The crypt still has the bullet scars and the hole the Czech began to dig is also there, unmolested.

After hanging out in the crypt for a while I made my way back to the hostel for some food.  As I was walking down to the little authentic Czech restaurant I met up with Adam and he joined me for dinner.  We ate with a couple of other guys from the hostel and then went back to the bar for some light drinking.  I talked to a bunch of people.  One lady, Melissa, a Canadian, is a civil engineer and will work for Exxon eventually.  She was pretty silly, as I watched her do a shot of absinth.  Sometime I went over and introduced myself to Marcela, Lilian and eventually Andrea, the Brazilians.  We talked for a little while and then I got wrapped up in some other conversation or some silly shit.  Eventually Andrea came down from the dorm where she was taking a little nap.  We were all talking again when it was getting close to closing time.  They wanted me to head out with them to dance so eventually they convinced me and we headed out to the same dance club Adam and I were stuck in a few days ago.  They are really very cool dancers, especially since there is not much room on the floor.  I really like Lilian.  She has these dark, brown, soft eyes and is constantly smiling.  Marcela is also very beautiful.  She is taller, I think taller than me or just about and laughs at my silly Spanish.  Andrea was also very cool, though I think she was very tired from all the partying.  We danced until about 1:30am when the Brazilians wanted to head back to the hostel to get some sleep.  Lilian gave me a nice hug before she left.  she was asking me in Portuguese if I was going to stay or go back to the hostel and sleep.  I wanted to drink a little more so I stayed.  I had a beer and then headed over to Cafe Amsterdam for another beer.  It was only about 2:00am and I was hungry so I walked down to the square and got a hamburger before I walked back to the hostel and crashed at about 3:30am.  I saw off the Brazilians this morning and we exchanged e-mail addresses.  I wish I had taken a picture of them, but I wasn't thinking, d'oh!  I gotta head back to the hostel to pay for another night and then I'm going to the Internet Cafe so I'm signing off now.

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