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30 april 2001

Today I spent quite a bit of time in the Oxford internet cafe.  Pretty much four hours sitting in a corner seat with a refrigerator behind me.  However the time was very productive.  I managed to update my online journal entries to yesterday, that was a lot of typing.  Not certain how many typos and grammatical errors there may have been since I didn't go back and check a whole lot of my typing.  I'm certain that my mom will catch all of my mistakes.  I also got e-mail replies from the hostels in Germany.  The hostel in Düsseldorf sent a German only reply which was way cool.  They basically told me they had room available for 3 May and 4 May. I t was also cool to get a reply in German.  I have somehow fooled them into thinking I know German!  The other two replies I received from Berlin hostels were bi-lingual replies.  They were pretty much the same, the hostels are pretty busy.  To know more specifics concerning room availability I need to call them the morning of my intended arrival.

Later on tonight I was going to book my flight from Düsseldorf to Berlin, but now I'm considering staying in Düsseldorf for a night or two before I fly out to Berlin.  Depending on how busy the hostels are in Berlin, I may just take the flight to Berlin and then a train to Praha.  Anyway, I'm pretty stoked about going to Germany and trying to get around.

This morning I wrote out three postcards to the parents, Ivan/Susan and Charley/Melissa.  When I went to buy stamps I had to stand in line.  The stamps were 40p each and I immediately realized my first set of postcards had the incorrect amount of postage, so I'm not certain what may have happened to them.  Hopefully they will eventually go through.  Tomorrow is 1 May and there is already news of potential riots and demonstrations in London.  One of the guys I met before was telling me it can get very silly in London.  Many people were arrested last year with the use of CCTV.  Anyway, it should be pretty interesting for the citizens of London.  I'm heading out now to check flight information to Germany.

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