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30 may 2001

Today was a busy day with a lot of running around.  After I attempted to hack the hot water heater I took a shower with a mere trickle of warm water.  It was better than just cold water.  Anyway, my clothes were in desperate need of washing so I put on my bathing suit and my skin layer shirt and hauled my clothes down the street to the pretty cool Laundromat.  While I was washing my clothes I read some more of Ivanhoe, but everything was done within a short period of time.  I made my way back to the hostel and dropped my clothes off, changed and got something to eat.  I was starving so the food was great.  I decided to head back down to the Internet Cafe and upload my pictures to my web site.  I spent about 4.5 hours uploading and updating my web site and e-mailing my buddies at home and my new buddies from the workcamp.

I really miss my workcamp buddies.  I really hope I can hook up with Lien in July and hang out for a few days in Gent.  It would be really cool to meet her family and friends.  Also in Oct/Nov I hope to meet up with Sanna while she is doing a long term volunteer project in Switzerland, that would be great!  I was reflecting today about the people I had met, and right now I think Sanna affected me the most with her ides about veganism and life in general.  A vegan is just not a diet, it's a lifestyle and she really opened my eyes to her ideology.  The other thing I thought about would be the sheer difficult hurdle I'd have to make to become a vegan.  I would likely need to see most, if not all of my portfolio and other financial instruments and investments as well as sell most of my other possessions, though few they are.  I'd have to constantly be aware of every purchase of food, clothing or otherwise.  Sanna has been a practicing vegan for a few years.  It may take as long for me to get onboard with the philosophy.  Anyway, more ideology to contemplate during my free time.

After the Internet Cafe I made my way back to the vegan restaurant we found earlier this week.  It was great food, I even bought a vegan sandwich right before I left as well, which is upstairs waiting for me to consume it, but first a few beers.  After dinning I made my way back up the hill to the hostel and also wrote out a few postcards.  I hope to mail them tomorrow sometime.  I also realized on my way to the vegan restaurant that I neglected to take pictures of Praha the last time I was here so tomorrow I might get my silly ass up early and walk around and take pictures.  I just don't want a zillion people populating my photo's.  Anyway, should be a challenge since there are always people walking around, as I discovered on our way back from the dance club Saturday morning with Lien, Sanna and Kosaku.  I also still need to visit the castle and the museum.  It would be nice to visit them tomorrow or sometime this week so I can make a decision where to go, if anywhere, before I meet up with Curtis.  I am still contemplating Austria, but I will likely make up my mind after I research flights into Brussels.  Anyway, time for another beer and time to sign off.

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