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31 may 2001

It's hard to believe I was in Oxford at the beginning of the month, hanging out for the May riots.  Here we are at the end of the month and I can't believe it.  Anyway took a relaxing day and walked around the Czech Republic's National Museum.  It was pretty nice walking around the exhibits and not being able to read anything.  I thought I was also going to see the castle today as well but spent way too much time in the museum.  Oh well, tomorrow.  The wind was really beginning to pick up so I headed back here to the hostel a little earlier than normal.  I ate at the vegan restaurant again today.  I tied the vegan hamburger, it was very good.  I also bought another midnight snack from there as well, since last nights was so good.  I had planned to get up super early this morning to take pictures but I failed due to the large quantity of pivo's and red bull.  I hope to stick with just pivo tonight.  If I feel up to it I'll try again tomorrow.

I shaved my head and face this morning before I headed over to Cafe Amsterdam for some breakfast.  My girlfriend was working the tables this morning again.  I like her a lot better than the other lady I usually see in there, she hardly smiles.  After getting some breakfast I made my way down to the museum and hung out there until past 4:00pm.  Afterwards I hung out in the square as they are having some sort of local talent show or something.  I was just thinking that I may head down there again tonight if the wind dies down again or catch some more tomorrow if it's still going.  I also need to begin my research on how I'm going to get to Italy and then over to Brussels.  I'm going to do a little light reading so I'll write more later.

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