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4 july 2001

Woa!  I was fucking ripped last night!  After the second bottle of vino rosso.  I was tossed!  Somehow I managed to get my silly ass up at about 10:00am.  I actually woke up earlier but decided to snooze a little longer.  Finally got out of bed and had some breakfast, when I, soon afterwards, dove back into Moby Dick for an hour or so.  I really needed to shave so I made my way downtown to buy some shaving cream and some deodorant.  I also check my e-mail, but nothing conforming or denying from VFP.  Charley and Melissa will also be having a boy, the poor bastards.  Before I headed over to the Internet Cafe I made my way over to this Church that I've walked by a few times.  There are a shit load of people buried there, mostly famous.  I took a few pictures of the place, it was very nice.  I may stop by there tomorrow as well, if I have time.  I really am to drunk to be writing right now.  I made my way back to camp and shaved my face and head and then took a shower.  Afterwards I hung out  and read and watched the sunset, but not before I headed down to the camp store to buy some bread, meat, cheese and tomatoes for some sandwiches.  Since then I've been here on the patio just hanging out and drinking vino rosso.  Tomorrow I'll call punchface to see if I still have a bed out in Certaldo.  If I'm lucky, and my arrival is supposed to be the 6th, then everything will be all right - Bob Marley.

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