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4 october 2001

It's hard to believe that I'm sitting here in my own back yard and pooch wants out to play... ok.  Somehow I managed to make it back here in one piece.  I really enjoyed my first French workcamp.  The work was hard, but maybe not as strenuous as the work in Italy, but it did have its moments.  I really enjoyed the people. They were all so kind and friendly.  The second weekend we had this raging party with two other workcamps. I made some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as a joke.  We drank and talked and had a general good time. I talked to a lot of very nice people from all over the world, including this guy from Iran who is currently living in Paris.  We had this incredible pasta dinner and I sat next to this French lady who spoke some English.  I think I was making her nervous, but she was nice anyway.

Later on in the evening we split up into groups to play games.  The first game we played was this egg carrying game.  We had to walk this course with a spoon in our mouth and an egg resting on the spoon.  I dropped a few eggs myself!  The definite highlight of the evening was when we dress Jana up like Bob Marley!  She looked really good!  I managed to take a good picture of her as well.  Another game we also played was this candle game or race.  We had to run out to the fountain and fill up this jug of water and keep this candle lit, I managed to track down Serge senior as he was leaving to relight my candle as it had blown out.  Actually I had to have him light it twice.  I think that was one of the few games we won.

We also went to a bar in the next town a few times.  The first time was to watch this football match.  Serge bought us a round of drinks and I attempted to make the order in French.  I think things were going OK until I asked what the price was.  Serge wasn't going to give me the cash until I could tell him the correct price in French.  Anyway I had to ask the bartender a few times what the price was and this really pissed him off.  He was yelling at Serge and being a real fucking prick so we had to cut my French lesson short.  We had a really good time there watching the game and talking .  On two other occasions we managed to make it to another bar, this one was a little more nuts and the bartender was really cool.  The first time we went to the bar I could tell that things could get out of control.  This French rugby player wanted to wrestle with me but I declined since I was having such a good time with my fellow workcamp buddies.  That evening I had also worn my gold pants so the rugby player had a few comments about them as well.  We all walked home that particular evening, it was great. We were doing our normal drunk stuff and being loud. Tak was really wasted, so was Natasa, so in the middle of our walk back to the castle we formed a chorus line.

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