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5 june 2001

Melissa stole my hat.  I can't believe she stole my hat.  Michael and Richard are on the lookout for her, but I have a funny feeling I may not see her and my hat is lost.  There is some hope, she is also going to Cesky Krumlov, Hostel 99, where I hope to stay as well.  I'm deeply depressed now since MELISSA stole my hat.  That shit isn't right.  Anyway, before Melissa stole my hat I had come back from doing a little walking around, but some people in the hostel had kept me from completing my journal entry from yesterday.  After Adam and I ate we made our way back to the hostel.  We had met this maniac, Michael, and were begging to get silly.  Michael is a great guy and has done some serious traveling.  We were talking to these other guys and taking turns buying shots.  I did three and a half shots of this native Czech drink which tasted like Chi.  It was nuts!  I was pretty smashed and for some reason we headed out to the Acrapulis and drank some more.  I talked to a few people and we had a general good time before we bailed out of there and headed to Cafe Amsterdam.  I have no idea what time it was, I was so blitzed.  I remember being in Cafe Amsterdam and this old guy wanted to push me around.  It was funny, we grappled each other for a while and somehow I made it back to the hostel, which really isn't so incredible since it's just down the street.

Yesterday I tried to take it easy so after I got my silly ass up I made my way back to Cafe Amsterdam where I was writing in my journal when Michael came in, looking like shit, and ate some breakfast with me.  We then walked down to the Internet Cafe and then on to the vegan restaurant for some snacks.  One sandwich I ate this morning, the second I'll eat when I get to Cesky, maybe.  I tried calling Hostel 99 but they were fucking with me and would only talk Czech to me, fuck.  So I made a reservation over at the Travelers' Hostel, just-in-case.  I'm going to punch that fuck in the face when I meet him.

Afterwards I made my way back to the hostel where I attempted to write in my journal but was thwarted again by some locals who wanted to talk to me.  I was sitting there trying to figure out how to get away from the people when Michael walked in and joined the conversation.  Thank fucking god.  The two morons were really getting to me.  Anyway, the two guys were really beginning to get on Michael's nerves as well so we left and went down the street for some food.  I had some crazy modified chicken which was very good.  Michael paid for our meal since I had just got him for breakfast.  After having a few pivo's we made our way to some graffiti and took a few pictures, before we headed back to the hostel.  At the hostel bar we drank and got silly until they kicked us out.  I talked with M.C., the girl from Alabama who is traveling with her dad.  They are in my dorm.  I thought she was a lot younger but she's 29, woa!  I was a little more plastered than I had originally hoped to be that morning, but such is the life here at the Clown and Bard.  Today, however, I made my escape, minus one hat.

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