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6 july 2001

I woke up this morning pretty early to head into town to mail my letter to dad concerning the check deposit.  I also had to do some foreign exchange so I could pay the good folks at the campsite.  I managed to do the exchange at a bank, there are better deals on the commissions at a bank.  With a big wad of Lira in my front pocket of my short sleeved, buttoned shirt that I had been wearing for a good three or four days, I made my way back to camp.  It was really becoming a nasty, rank shirt.  When I got back to camp I was going to eat some breakfast but the store didn't have my favorite milk so I just finished packing and then checked out.  Reception didn't have my lost/stolen wallet so I assume the thief or the river own it.  I jumped on a bus to the train station and caught the 11:15am train to Certaldo and made it out here at 12:22pm.  I managed to boogie out to the hostel before 1:00pm when the crew have their afternoon siesta.  I managed to do some hand washing of my clothes and do some more reading of Moby Dick.  In the evening I walking into town to call MBNA, Juniper and Wells Fargo to conform the cards will be sent out.  MBNA should have the card here by Tuesday.  Juniper should have the card to Charley and Melissa by Monday so I hope to have the card out here by Wednesday or so.  I ran out of time on my calling card when talking to Wells Fargo.  Wells is not going to let me dispute the thief's charge until I can provide them my account number.  I plan to head out to Siena tomorrow after breakfast to get the information and hopefully buy a wallet and see the town a little more.  I've been thinking about doing some more uploading but I'm not certain if I currently have the funds to cover myself until my card arrives.  Anyway, I'm getting pretty tired so I'm going to do some light reading before I totally crash!

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