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6 november 2001

Woa!  I just walked up the hill with Sanna.  She looks really good and I am so happy to meet her again.  Her class is up the hill, in a very small village above Locarno.  We took a bus from Locarno for a few minutes, passed through Tenero and then stopped in Berzona where we began to walk.  It really reminds me of Zonca.  It is absolutely beautiful up here.  I'm not certain how long I will stay but quite easily a few days.  Back to what I was writing about last evening before sleep overcame me.  I was writing about Fiona last night.  I had been in the kitchen and Fiona was helping me with some German phrases.  After she was done helping me I told her that I really admired her, that she is a really cool lady.  After we talked for a little we both headed up to our rooms.  Both of us were on the 3rd floor.  As I was walking away from her she gave me a hug good night, it was really sweet.  On Thursday we had a half day off, where we hiked to Stein Am Rhine.  Alessia was having problems with her ankles so Rich walked her back to catch up with us later.  We walked for a few hours until we got to one top before Stein Am Rhine where we just took the train.  We had walked for 5 hours all together and then we walked around town some more.

The town is really nice.  Eventually we made our way to a bar and began to drink a little.  Around 6:00pm almost everyone wanted to head back.  This time Alessia said she wanted to stay which was way cool!  Since Alessia stayed, Rich stayed as well and we just hung out and talked.  I managed to keep them out until almost 22:00 when we decided to head back.  When we got back we had some bread and cheese.  I think I had a few more beers as well.  After a while I met up with Fiona and she invited me on a walk that a group was taking.  We began our walk at about midnight, or maybe even later.  It was a really bright evening from the moon, so it was relatively easy to walk around.  We must have walked around for a few hours.  It was really nice.  Tito and I had fallen behind a little since we were having a more serious discussion about his involvement with the Red Cross and what he did in Geneva during the G8 meeting.  Anyway, the rest of the group had hid on the side of the road and wanted to scare us.  Fiona happened to turn her ankle while running at us, poor, silly girl.  She was OK, just limping a little, but I felt bad for her.  I don't remember what we did after we got back.  I think I hung out for a little and then crashed.

Friday was a good day.  We began drinking in the afternoon, some tequila that Rich had bought in Konstanz.  We hammered the bottle between ourselves and Josef (from the PBI, Zurich office).  I must have had about 4 or 5 shots and was feeling really good.  We were supposed to be having this party to end the week but it didn't start until later, like almost 10:00pm, maybe later.  For the party we cleared the dining room and turned on the stereo and danced and drank.  It was a lot of fun.  I danced mostly by myself or near some of my buddies from SCI and PBI.  I danced with Rachel for a while, she is really a fun girl.  We danced holding hands in front of us and every once in a while I'd twirl her around.  Eventually we decided to capture someone between us.  Shane, this Australian, happened to be walking by so we captured him between us.  Shane really doesn't want to be there and he tried to get away, but at first he was unsuccessful.  Rachel decided to ask him a question, "what word am I thinking of?"  Shane doesn't know so Rachel gave him a hint, "OK, it begins with the letter I."  Shane still doesn't know so we add him to our circle and it was at this point he escaped so Rachel and I find another victim.  One of the Spanish girls is walking by, Suzie, and we capture her.  Rachel asks her the same question, but gives her the hint right away., "it begins with the letter I and ends with the letter A."  Well she thinks for a few seconds and says India!  Woa, that girl is smart!  Unfortunately we had to let her go.  At about that time Rachel wanted to sit down and take a rest so I went back to dancing by myself.  They were playing some really crappy music so I decided to play bass which really was fun.  Fiona made me dance with her and screwed up the band, but oh well.  Fiona also tried to teach me her unique dance step but I wasn't getting it so I gave up and went back to playing the bass.

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