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7 april 2001

Starting about 3:00pm, Charley, Melissa and I began to prepare for my "bon voyage" party. We cooked a variety of food from jasmine rice, to vegetarian chili and pasta. Gary also showed up with three large pizza's, some 18" in diameter, woa! We also had quite the store of beer, as is evident from the pictures below. Thanks to everyone who showed up, it was a great time!

Early in the evening, before we began to bust out the beer, Alex, Amy and Bill chill out on the back patio.

The rest of us are inside hanging out and beginning to do a little light drinking. We see here that Ben and Gary are involved in a theoretical discussion concerning the absolute velocity of beer versus wine in the upper GI.

Gary further explains his position concerning the lubricative nature of Scotch whiskey visa via a 1997 Merlot from the Tuscany region.

Of a less serious nature, Nancy, Melissa and John are really beginning to whoop it up in the dining area.

Then Elizabeth and her new baby showed up and we all had to stop jumping on the furniture for a little while. Fortunately for the kid, she really doesn't have red eyes!

We discovered Alex was no longer outside chilling out but attempting to recover from a squirrel fight that took place only moments ago. The squirrel lived.. we're not certain how long Alex will hang-on!

At some point in the evening Gary and Melissa compare their belly girth to prove who is more pregnant. You be the judge.

All that drinking made us, including myself, hungry. Here we are taking a little break and eating pizza!

Amy and Alex were getting pretty restless and left early.. Alex was still pretty bummed out he lost against the squirrel. I took one final snapshot of them before Amy poured Alex into their car.

Someone was pissed off that I was taking all these pictures and wasn't in any of them. So here I am with my John and Nancy just before they bail. As you can tell from the picture, it's merely 9:30pm!

Later on in the evening, the party was winding down. We had weeded out the young and the week. It was getting pretty thin!

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