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7 july 2001

I just got back from Siena where I spent most of the day on the web, uploading the many pictures from my digital camera.  It's been an incredibly long time since I backed up my photo's out to my web site.  It took over 20 minutes to copy the entire disk onto the hard drive.  I managed to also download a utility to rotate my JPG's so now my pictures are all properly rotated.  I also managed to put out my photo's from Praha, Cesky Krumlov, Venezia, Firenze and maybe one other place I don't recall right now.  I have a few more places to upload like Certaldo and Siena.  I also need to go back and add additional photos to the other locations as well.  I also changed my index.html page to the three Duomo picture of me, curTIS and Fiore (The Duomo in Firenze).  I also e-mailed pictures to Sanna of the brick shithouse I found after coming down from the church in Cesky Krumlov.  I also need to do some research on how I'm going to get to Torino and then out to my workcamp, again, I'm hoping that I will be able to get into the hostel in Torino, but I may be screwed... will have to see tomorrow.

I also did some walking around Siena and in the Duomo.  The inside of the Siena Duomo is very different than the other Duomo's I've visited.  There are many figurines and other things scattered all over the floor and ceiling.  There are about 100 or more busts of people lining the vaulted ceiling as well.  A few of the pictures I took today turned out really blurry for some reason.  Possibly because the Duomo people didn't want flash photography.  When I got back to Certaldo I went to the restaurant across the street from the train station for a calzone and a coke.  Afterwards I walked back to the hostel, but not before I bought some ice cream and a 1,5 liter bottle of water for 4,000.00 Lira, that's about $2.00 or so.  Oh, last night I was talking to this nice French Canadian lady.  She was pretty funny, her access was pretty much nonexistent, I was surprised.  I'm going to do some light reading tonight again.  I'm hoping to finish Moby Dick in a few days and possibly read it again!

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