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7 november 2001

I just made it back to the main house from an afternoon of work outside.  I am really happy for Sanna, she has a lot of very nice people here and a very beautiful environment.  Today we stored the tent floors made of wood that the summer workcamps used.  Afterwards we headed up the hill and helped move a door entrance one of the other camp participants made for a house next to kitchen 27.  Anyway, back to my Mannenbach story.  The bastards that were in control of the radio finally played a slow song and Fiona was just sitting there, leaning against a table so I grabbed her and we danced.  It was really sweet to dance with her so close.  She somehow managed to rest her cheek on my neck, I'm really going to miss that girl.

Later on in the evening things were really beginning to thin out so I walked around trying to find people and ran into Eva in the hallway.  She was reading the palms of Alessia and Hae Young.  I was interested in what she might say about my palm so I asked her if she might read mine as well.  At about 3:00, maybe a little earlier she was done with the girls and read my palm.  Eva has a very methodical approach, it's incredible.  Anyway she read my palm for about 45 minutes telling me all sorts of things about my personality, things that have happened to in my past, etc.  It was a lot of fun.  Afterwards I walked back to the dinning room to check out who was still there.  Ries and Jurgen were just about to play some Pink Floyd.  I didn't see anyone else so I bailed and crashed.  That next morning I ate some breakfast and began to help clean the dishes and house.  We had to leave at 11:00am so we could catch our train to Zurich.  I said good-bye to a lot of people and then we walked down to the train station.  A bunch of us were on the train, and in an hour or so we were in Zurich HBF.  We locked our bags up in a locker and went out to find some food.  Mostly we walked around old town.  I called Sanna that evening when we found ourselves back at the HBF.  Caroline and I actually stayed in an SCI members house to save some cash.  After we dropped off our stuff we went out drinking.  I was really smashed so it was a good thing that Caroline was sober and could find the way back.

The next morning Eva came to Zurich and we hung out for most of the day.  We hiked to the top of this hill just outside of Zurich in a town called Uetliberg.  It was a really nice hike.  At the top of the hill we caught the sun set and I tried to take a few pictures.  I'm not certain how they will turn out.  My camera was begin grumpy.  We walked down the hill in the closing darkness and made it back to town before things were getting too dark.  That evening we took Alessia's stuff to where I was sleeping since Caroline had left that morning.  We ate at this great Indian restaurant and then pretty much crashed I think.  Hmm, maybe not immediately.  We walked back to the HBF and got some train information and Thomas and Hae Young left.  Alessia and I tried to get something to drink in the HBF but where unsuccessful.  We stopped in this cafe on the way back to where we were staying and hung out there and talked until sometime after midnight.  In the morning we got up and headed back to the HBF and said our good-bye's to Thomas and Hae Young.  The train ride was really nice.  Alessia is going to have a party at her house in a few weeks so I hope to make it there and possibly invite Alberto, Pedro and Natasa.  If everyone could go it would be great!  Anyway that might be in a few weeks.  I also hope to head to Slovenia and hopefully hang out with Pedro for a while in Torino.  The first night here in the southern part of Switzerland I spent in Locarno and washed my clothes, showered and shaved and other crap that I needed to do since I've left the workcamp.  Seeing Sanna again has been really great.  We met yesterday at the train/bus station and immediately took the bus to Berzona.  We walked up the mountain and Sanna showed me around the small hillside village.  The place really reminds me of Zonca with its small paths and stone houses.

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