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9 july 2001

I just got back from Siena a few minutes ago.  I spent most of the day there in the Internet Cafe updating my journal pages and putting dates and next/previous links on the pages.  Composer has some very suspicious bugs that really blow my mind.  For instance when I edit my second page, after saving the first page, I discovered that my first page has been overwritten by what I have done on my second page... its like it's using the first page as a temporary file to save changes.  I got nailed by this bug a few times, what a piece of crap.  I am also done completing the pages so hopefully by the end of the week I'll be mostly caught up.  I had managed to get back from the Internet Cafe to the train station about ten minutes before the train was scheduled to leave.  The interesting thing about this particular train was that both cars were air conditioned, strange but nice.

I was going to eat at the Pirate but they were closed so I had some ice cream and water which I am still working on back here at the hostel.  I was also going to shave tonight.  I probably will after my journal entry.  I also have a plan to get to Zonca, it should be easy and fairly cheap, 37,000 Lira to Torino Porta Nuova and then 17,000 Lira to get to Domodossola.  I'm not certain how much the bus will be, shouldn't be too bad.  I didn't hear from the Torino hostel so it looks like I will need to call them tomorrow.

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