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Chris in SacTown

Before Chris had stepped off the Amtrak train, we had never met before in our lives.  Both of us share some mutual, volunteering friends that were stationed in Broumov, Czech Republic.  Chris was here in the Bay Area working as an Au Pair for a German family.  We had contacted each other a few times via E-Mail and phone, and I am very glad she made her way here to Sacramento.  Our current Administration has done quite a bit of damage to the relationship between the Germans and the Americans.   So, it is up to us individually to make extra efforts to smooth things over.  The German people are a lot like us; our language, culture and heritage is connected.

The prior day, Chris and I made out way, fashionably late, to a baby shower for a few friends of mine.  Other than Garrett, Chris got a lot of attention at the party.. probably because I don't normally show up to these event with anyone other than myself.  When we arrived, Chris is verbally mugged by nearly everyone, but she took it really well.  Everyone wanted to know where we had met, where she was from and all sorts of questions.

The next day we had a relaxing day in downtown Sacramento.  I took Chris to the Capitol and down into Old Sacramento where we did a little walking around and chatting on the docks right on the water.  I hope out meeting helps to improve the German - American relationship.  Before we walked downtown, we had a little breakfast in the backyard.

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