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Garrett Jones' Baby Shower

If you, somehow, found your way here, you are probably interested in seeing the photo's of Garrett Jones' Baby Shower.  Gary, Linda and Kathy hosted the event at Gary and Linda's house this past spring, 10 May 2003 to be more exact.  The conversation was moving, the beer and wine were flowing and the weather was absolutely fantastic!  All of these photo's were taken by my new German friend, Chris, who I convinced to take an earlier train from the Bay Area so she could experience her first American Baby Shower.  Thank you so much for the photo's Chris.  Danka!

A little side note to any German's that may find their way here to this page.  Here in America, women typically have a party for their pregnant friends.  In this case, shower meaning the presentation of gifts, not bathing (it's probably based on some, silly, French custom).  Men typically do not attend, but this was a special case since Garrett arrived a little early, thus thwarting the well laid plans of the hosts, and the proud parents would rather make a party with their friends, so they did.

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